[Cycling in Yabakei]Cycling in Yabakei

We have created a ticket of round-trip bus fare and rent-a-cycle, which is up to 320 yen cheaper than usual.
You can rent a bicycle at the cycling terminal in Yabakei and enjoy a private cycling road of about 10 km.
This cycling road is the abandoned line of the former Yabakei Railway. It is also a big point that you can run without worrying about the car! !!
In addition to the fresh greenery and autumn leaves on the cycling road, you can also enjoy the popular sightseeing spots such as Aonodomon and Yabakei Bridge in the Hon'yabakei area.
This tourist ticket is recommended for those who want to enjoy cycling casually.

One person 2500yen
There is no child fare.
Tour timeAbout 3 hours
Target Age12 years old and over
Duration2022/03/01 ~ 2023/09/30

Recommendations for this Plan

[Kakizaka] Yabakei Cycling Terminal

Closed on Wednesdays (Tuesday and Wednesday from December to February)

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Cycling route bus tourist ticket

Please check the leaflet for details such as the bus timetable.

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Maple Yama Cycling Road

It is a bicycle path that used the abandoned railway track of the Yabakei Railway, and was constructed in 1982 (Showa 57). It is a cycling course that is recommended for beginners as it uses the railroad tracks and has a gentle slope.

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Plan Details

Road Map

If you rent a bicycle at Kakizaka (come back without abandoning it) and return it at Kakizaka
Save 140 yen!

[Reception] Nakatsuyabakei Tourism AssociationPlease present the reception completion email to receive the original ticket.

JR Nakatsu StationTake a fixed-route bus (about 40 minutes)

Bus stop: KakizakaGet off the route bus

Yabakei Cycling TerminalRent a bicycle and start cycling

Yabakei Cycling TerminalReturn a bicycle

Bus stop: KakizakaTake the route bus (about 40 minutes)

JR Nakatsu StationGet off the route bus and dissolve

★ If you rent a bicycle at Kakizaka and drop off at Aonodomon
(Or rent it at Aonodomon and drop it off at Kakizaka)
Save 320 yen!

[Reception] Nakatsuyabakei Tourism AssociationPlease present the reception completion email and receive the original ticket.

JR Nakatsu Station
Take the route bus (about 40 minutes)

Bus stop: KakizakaGet off the route bus

Yabakei Cycling TerminalRent a bicycle and start cycling
It takes about 10.5 km / 65 minutes to reach Aonodomon.

Aonodomon Bicycle Return Center / Fengshui GardenAt either side, return the bicycle

Bus stop: Aonodomon, NakajimaTake a fixed-route bus (about 25 minutes)

JR Nakatsu StationGet off the route bus and dissolve

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Plan Information

Period March 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023
Excluded days None
What is included in price of the travel / plan ・Round-trip bus fare between Nakatsu Station and Kakizaka (Yabakei)
・Bicycle rental fee at Yabakei Cycling Terminal (including drop-off fee)
Target age 12 years old and up (No child fare is available.)
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum number of participants 20 persons
Reservation deadline By 17:00 p.m. of 3 days before
Duration About 3 hours
Coupon exchange place
  • ・ Nakatsu Yamakei Tourism Association
  • 219-2 Shimata, Nakatsu City (JR Nakatsu Station South Exit)
  • TEL 0979-64-6565
  • Exchange response time 8: 30-17: 30
  • 【map】

Important point

  • The facility may be closed as part of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. When you go out, please contact each store or tourist association before going out.
  • Please note that the regular fare (1,800 yen) is cheaper for "Round trip by bus from Nakatsu Station to Hon'yabakei (Aonodomon, etc.) + no bicycle drop-off".
  • This ticket is valid throughout the implementation period.
  • This ticket can be used as a round-trip bus ticket, meal ticket, or bicycle rental ticket.
  • One ticket can be used by one person.
  • We cannot exchange cash or return change.
  • Cannot be used in combination with other coupons or discount services.
  • We are not responsible for theft or loss.
  • We will not be liable for theft, loss, forgery, imitation, etc. of this tourist ticket.
  • We will not be liable for any accidents in the bus, restaurant, or cycling due to the use of this tourist ticket.
  • Significantly damaged face cards cannot be used.
  • Those without the issuer's seal on the face of the ticket are invalid.
  • Please participate in comfortable clothes, athletic shoes, etc.
  • If you are under 20 years old or only a student, please submit the consent form of the parent or guardian. In addition, only those under the age of 15 can participate. We kindly ask that a parent or guardian accompany you.
    [Click here for the PDF of the consent form]


Cancellation Fee

If you cancel the contract for your own reason after the contract is concluded, a cancellation fee for the travel fee will be charged at the following rate per customer. In addition, if some of multiple participants cancel the contract, the difference price for the change in the number of users (per vehicle / room) from the participating customers to the transportation / accommodation facility, etc. will be charged respectively.
In case of cancellation or change, please contact us during business hours. (If the business hours have passed, it will be treated the next day.)

Starting from the day before the date of use
3 days ago to the day before
Before the start time of the day After the start time / No contact non-participation
20% 50% 100%

In case of cancellation or refund due to reduction of participants, the refund will be made after deducting the prescribed cancellation fee rate, but the transfer fee for refund will be borne by the customer.
Similarly, if you purchase a ticket or other product and get a refund, you will not be charged a cancellation fee if there is no cancellation fee, but you will be responsible for the transfer fee for the refund.

Planning and Implementation Company

Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd.
TEL +81-50-3775-4727
MAIL visityoyaku@kanko-pro.co.jp
2nd floor, Kusumoto 15th Building, 1-7-2 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya,Aichi,460-0003 JAPAN
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General travel business handling manager: Tatsuya Ogawa

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