No need to bring your own barbecue“Mori Han Villa” easy and empty-handed “Meat BBQ” in the blue sky

No fire and no trash to take home!
After dinner, soak in the footbath and take a relaxing break.

The story goes back to the Edo period. In the past, a major hot spring resort facility existed in Beppu-Tsurumi, an enclave territory of the Mori Clan, which owned Kusu County in Bungo Province (present-day Oita Prefecture). Coincidentally, the Sarabio Institute for Hot Spring Microbiology is located there today.
In order to let people feel the remnants of what was then a prosperous hot spring resort land, the institute site was opened as the "Mori Han Villa". Combining the atmosphere of an Edo period hot spring resort with the latest probiotics, this is a story that only Sarabio can offer in its pursuit of hot spring-derived health and beauty. Overlooking Beppu Bay.
Why don't you take your time and experience a healing time in this place where you can also smell the scent of a strange destiny?

One person

Adult 3850yen
kid's meal 2750yen
Elementary school students and under
Tour time2 hours of usage time
DurationApril 2023 - March 2024

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Easy "empty-handed" barbecue in a large site♪

We will start the fire according to your arrival time.
Footbath café attached to the building is also available◎.

Soak in the footbath and enjoy a blissful moment.

After the experience, visitors can take a breather in the hot spring baths, which are popularly known as "corona suppression.

Grill, eat, and have fun in the great outdoors!

How about a treat for yourself or a loved one?

Plan Details

Plan Information

Exclusion date Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday)
Menu Contents Adult]
Beef (100g)
Pork (100g), chicken (100g), sausage (2 pcs), 3 kinds of vegetables, rice balls (200g), steamed eggs from hell x 1, charcoal 2kg

Children's Set] Beef (70g), pork (70g), chicken (70g), sausage (2 pcs), 3 kinds of vegetables, rice ball (150g), steamed egg from hell x 1, charcoal 2kg

Ingredients are subject to change depending on availability.
Start time (1) 11:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 13:00 (4) 14:00
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum reception staff 20 people
Reservation acceptance deadline 5 days prior to 5:00 p.m.
The meeting place Mori han villa

Important point

  • This plan is "request reception".
    Please note that your reservation is not completed immediately after your application. We will confirm whether we can accept your application and contact you to let you know whether your reservation is accepted or not.
    If you do not receive a message within 3 days of your application, or if the date of use is approaching, please contact Tourism Sales Systems, although we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • No one under the age of 18 may participate in the event alone. Please have a person with parental authority accompany you.
  • Bringing in your own food
    For hygiene reasons, please refrain from bringing your own food. We ask for your understanding.
  • Charcoal will be lit by our staff approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the plan. Therefore, please contact us if your arrival time will be delayed.
  • We are not responsible for any burns or other problems. Please understand this in advance.
  • Depending on the weather, the experience may take place indoors. Please understand this in advance.
  • We are not responsible for water damage, stains, or other problems. Please keep your clothes, valuables, etc. at your own risk. Please understand this beforehand.
  • Local correspondence will be in Japanese.


  • Please wear clothes and footwear that you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Hygiene measures and prevention efforts
    Maintain spacing inside the restaurant/ between seating areas, regular ventilation
    Employees: Health checks and temperature checks at work, masks, hand washing and gargling, etc.
    Other measures: "Alcohol sanitizers" containing hot spring ingredients are available throughout the park to prevent rough hands.
  • After completing your online application, we will send you a "Notice of Acceptance" e-mail. Please be sure to check the contents of the e-mail.

Cancellation Fee

In the event that a customer cancels the contract after the contract has been concluded, a cancellation fee will be charged at the following rate per customer on the trip price. In the case of cancellation of the contract by some of the guests in the group, the difference in the number of guests will be charged to each of the guests.
Please contact us during business hours in case of cancellation or reduction in the number of participants. (After business hours, the cancellation will be processed the next day.)
In the event of a refund due to cancellation or reduction in the number of passengers, the refund will be made after deducting the prescribed cancellation fee rate, but the customer will be responsible for any bank transfer charges related to the refund.

Starting from the day before the date of use
3 days ago to the day before
Before the start time of the day After start time/
No contact and no participation
20% 50% 100%

In the event of a full refund without cancellation fee, the fee will be refunded to your credit card.
In the event of a cancellation fee, refunds will be made by bank transfer to a bank account in Japan, and the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
Please understand this in advance.

Planning and Implementation Company

Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd. Sightseeing Sales Systems Landing Tour
TEL 050-3775-4727
2nd floor, Kusumoto 15th Building, 1-7-2 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003
Travel agency registration: Japan Tourism Agency registered travel agency No. 1934
General travel business handling manager: Tatsuya Ogawa

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