[Sightseeing taxi plan]★《From Beppu》 Visit Japan’s No. 1 “Innai / Ishibashi Group” and Ajimu “Koue”

We will visit the "Innai" Ishibashi group in Usa City, which boasts the largest number in Japan, and the "trowel" of the "safety institute" that makes the best use of the craftsmanship.
Please enjoy the unique culture and landscape of Oita prefecture.

Per small taxi

Tour time4 hours
DurationSeptember 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

Recommendations for this Plan

Ajimu Koteegun

A trowel picture is a colored plaster made by adding pigments to the wall of the plaster of a house using a trowel, and then embossing it into a thin wall and coloring it.
Ajimu has been actively produced since the beginning of the Meiji era, and more than 70 paintings still remain. Ajimu's paintings are characterized by the use of dynamic techniques and techniques, such as those using the entire door pocket and those using the entire large wall. There are a wide variety of designs, from those that bring happiness to those with wishes such as amulets and prosperity of descendants, to humorous ones.

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Ajimu Grape Brewery

Anshinin Grape Brewery is a forest winery that brews mellow wine from high-quality grapes harvested at Anshinin.
There are brewed liquor, storage, vineyards, shops, etc. in the garden full of greenery, and you can enjoy not only a walk in the garden, a tour of the brewing process, but also wine tasting for free.

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Innai town Ishibashi group

Innai town, which has villages all over the deep valley, is the number one stone bridge town in Japan, dotted with 75 stone bridges of various sizes and shapes.
The many factors were "bridges were indispensable for the villages scattered in the deep valley river", "a sturdy bridge was needed because the river flow was steep", and "stone materials suitable for building stone bridges". "Abundantly harvested" "There were many masons with the technology to process stones" and so on. Shinnosuke Matsuda, a famous builder, has built more than 10 stone bridges in the hospital area.

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Plan Details

Road Map

Beppu cityJR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama / Kannawa District Hotel

AjimuGrape liquor studio, sword painting

In the hospitalIshibashi group (4-5 places such as Fujimi Bridge, Arase Bridge, Mikutsu Bridge, Torii Bridge)

Beppu cityBeppu Station or Beppu City Hotel (Kitahama / Kannawa area)
* For Oita Airport, an additional 8,000 yen will be charged.

・ It can be used for up to 4 hours after the vehicle is dispatched.
・ The company will be Beppu Oita Joint Taxi, Minato Taxi, or Kanki Taxi.
・ Admission fee, toll road and parking fee for each facility are not included. Please pay locally on the day.
・ The paid sections scheduled to be used are Beppu IC-Ajimu IC and Innai IC-Beppu IC.

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Plan Information

Period March 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022
Excluded days None
What is included in price of the travel / plan Chartered taxi fee (small size, 4 hours)
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum number of participants 4 persons (per taxi)
Reservation deadline By 15:00 p.m. of 5 days before
Duration 4 hours
Departure time Depart at your desired time.
Boarding place
  • ・ JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama / Kannawa District Hotel

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