chartered sightseeing cab≪6 hours course≫”Usuki Prayer Corridor” guided cab plan

The "Usuki Prayer Corridor" is a stamp rally that takes visitors on a four-course tour of 33 pilgrimage sites in Usuki City, which have been the object of prayer, with a focus on the "feelings" of Usuki's predecessors who cherished "people" and "human prayer" beyond religious sects. A round-trip cab from Beppu is convenient for the "Usuki Prayer Corridor" around Usuki, a town of prayer and history!
This plan offers a guided cab tour of Usuki's main sightseeing spots and pilgrimage sites.

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Per cab (with tour guide)

(1-3 persons)
Beppu ⇒ Usuki
Departure: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa area hotels
Arrival: JR Usuki Station
(1-8 persons)
Beppu ⇒ Usuki
Departure: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa area hotels
Arrival: JR Usuki Station
(1-3 persons)
Departure and arrival in Beppu
Departure: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa area hotels
Arrival: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa District Hotel
(1-8 persons)
Departure and arrival in Beppu
Departure: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa area hotels
Arrival: JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa District Hotel
Tour time6 hours
DurationSeptember 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

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Usuki Prayer Corridor

The "Usuki Prayer Corridor" is a stamp rally that takes visitors on a four-course tour of pilgrimage sites in Usuki City that have been the object of prayer, with a focus on the "thoughts" of Usuki's predecessors, who cherished "people" and "human prayer" beyond religious sects.

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Reservation Process

(1) Select the desired corridor from the "Red Corridor," "Blue Corridor," "Green Corridor," or "Color Corridor.

(2) Choose a place to worship from the selected corridor.
The 4-hour course will cover 3 to 5 locations, and the 6-hour course will cover 4 to 8 locations.

We will contact you with an itinerary based on your chosen place of worship.

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Red Corridor

The route from the castle town to Koyasan, walking along the beautiful Nioza historical road, is a profit-packed course where you can enjoy viewing temple treasures and collecting red seals. Usuki Yasaka Shrine, known for its Gion Festival, is also a highlight.

1. Usuki Yasaka Shrine
2. Shokakuzan Tafukuji Temple
3. Houonji Temple, Chikurinzan
4. Seidozan Mihoshi Zenji Temple
5. Hounsan Ohashi Temple
6. Shiyunsan Ryuwonji Temple
7. Fukura Tenmangu Shrine
8. Yodosan Myokenji Temple
9. Koyasan Kozanji Temple

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Blue Corridor

The course takes you through the varied seaside scenery of fishing ports, shipbuilding factories, and aquaculture fish ponds, with Tsukumi Island in Usuki Bay on your right hand side. The course is full of interesting things such as the numerous memorial towers where Usuki fishermen, who cherish their lives, have laid their hands, and the roots of the name "Usuki".

1. Omari Shrine
2. Jirinji Temple, Mt.
3. Jizo Park
4. Nakatsuura Tenmangu Shrine
5. Fujita Shrine (Tenmangu Shrine)
6. Kosanrei Shrine (Kaminji)
7. Usuki Shrine
8. Mishima Shrine
9. Mt. Jiun Fujuji Temple

Green Corridor

It is said that there were more than 5,000 Christians in Nozu Town during the Middle Ages. The many historical sites of Christianity, the quiet countryside, and the greenery of the mountains will refresh your soul.

1. Scrachigae Christian Tomb (Prefectural Designated Historic Site)
2. Hill of Lourdes
3. Terakoji Magekasu Cruz
4.Shimofuji Christian Cemetery (National Historic Site)
5. Pugenji Temple, Mt.
6. Sui Ji Tenmangu Shrine
7. Tamesui Kumano Shrine
8. Baekawa Stone Buddha

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Corridor of Colors

Starting from Usuki Castle, visit temples, shrines, and other places of interest, and go to the last corridor, Fukada-no-sato. Think about the "prayer" of our ancestors in front of the National Treasure Usuki Stone Buddha.

1. Utora Inari Shrine
Dainichi Stone Buddha
3. Hakuba Creek
4. Mochizuki Tenmansha (Fudo Myoo-do)
5. Shiyunsan Mangetsuji Temple
6. Hiyoshi Shrine
7. National Treasure Usuki Stone Buddha

Plan Details

Road Map

Beppu cityBeppu Station or Beppu City Hotel (Kitahama / Kannawa area)

Usuki Prayer CorridorVisit pre-selected places of worship

JR Usuki Station or JR Beppu Station / Beppu Kitahama/Kannawa area hotelsDisbanded after arrival.

The company used will be either Kanki Taxi or Minato Taxi.
Toll fees, admission fees, toll roads, parking fees, etc. are not included. Please pay at the site on the day of the tour.

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Plan Information

Period March 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023
Excluded days None
What is included in price of the travel / plan Chartered taxi fee (small size, 3 hours)
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum reception staff 3名(小型タクシー1台あたり)
Reservation deadline 3 hours
Duration 6時間
Departure time ・AM session 9:20
・PM session 13:45
乗車場所 JR別府駅/別府北浜・鉄輪地区ホテル
Boarding place JR別府駅/別府北浜・鉄輪地区ホテル

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