[Sightseeing taxi plan]《From Yufuin / Beppu / Arrive at Nakatsu》
Japanese Heritage Yabakei Sightseeing and Strolling Nakatsu Castle Town

Onsen Prefecture Oita Nature Exploration Series! To Yabakei! !! We will take a taxi to a place where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of autumn leaves, fresh green, dark green, and snowy days.

Per small taxi

From Yufuin / Arrive at Nakatsu Station 44000yen
From Beppu /
Arrive at Nakatsu Station
Tour time7 hours
Duration2022/03/01 ~ 2022/09/30

Recommendations for this Plan

Kokonoe "Yume" Otsuribashi

A large panorama at an altitude of 777m.
The "Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi" in Kokonoe Town is a suspension bridge with a height of 173m and a total length of 390m, which is "the tallest in Japan" for sidewalks.
The view from the top of the bridge is spectacular, and you can see "Shindou Falls", one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and "Kyusuikei", a famous place for fresh greenery and autumn leaves. Especially in autumn, it is a new attraction for autumn leaves, and it is crowded with many tourists in early November when it is in full bloom.

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Former Bungo Mori Roundhouse

Built as a hangar for steam locomotives running on the former Japanese National Railways Kyudai Line, it is the only modern industrial heritage in Kyushu as an existing fan-shaped engine hangar. In addition to seeing the steam locomotive up close, there is also a museum designed by Eiji Mitooka in the immediate vicinity.

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Among the scenic spots and Yabakei, it is said to be particularly scenic, and in particular, the tributaries of the Yamakuni River and the scenic spots along the Yamautsuri River are Kaibomine, Senniniwa, Ubakeiyama, Meotoiwa, Gunsaruyama, Karasuhataiwa, and Stag. The name "Hitomehakkei" comes from the fact that you can see the eight views of Nagao Rin and Washi no Nest Mountain.
During the fall foliage season, mountain streams and rocks are colored in red and yellow, and are crowded with many people.

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Yabakei Bridge (Dutch Bridge)

"Yabakei Bridge" is a stone bridge over the Yamakuni River, about 500m downstream of Aonodomon and downstream of Arasei Dam. It is one of the 100 famous bridges in Japan, and has the longest bridge length in Japan, which is 116m long, and the largest and only eight arched stone bridge in Japan, which has two longest bridges in Japan.
The nickname "Dutch Bridge" is said to have come from the masonry method that is common in Nagasaki Prefecture.

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Former Kurushima Garden

This garden was created by the feudal lord of Kusu Town, and consists of three gardens: the feudal lord's palace garden, the Suhoro garden, and the Shimizu palace garden. It is a spot where you can enjoy a beautiful view in each of the four seasons.

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Nakatsu Castle

Nakatsu Castle was built by Kuroda Kanbei (later Nyosui), who worshiped the 6 counties of Buzen from Toyotomi Hideyoshi, at the mouth of the Yamakuni River (then Takase River). It was also called "Ogijo" because the shape of the castle was like a fan.
The current castle tower was built in 1964, and interesting materials such as costumes, swords, camp tools, old drawings, and old documents of the last feudal lord, Okuhei family, are exhibited in the castle and are open to the public.

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Plan Details

Road Map

Yufuin or BeppuStation or hotel

Kokonoe "Yume" Otsuribashi

Former Bungo Mori Roundhouse, Former Kurushima Garden

Yabakei ≪ Shinyabakei Bridge, Yabakei Bridge (Dutch Bridge), Aonodomon≫

Nakatsu Castle / Former Fukuzawa Residence

Nakatsu cityNakatsu Station or designated place in Nakatsu city

・ It will be available for up to 7 hours after the vehicle is dispatched.
・ The company will be Beppu Oita Godo Taxi, Minato Taxi, or Kanki Taxi.
・ The toll road to be used is Yufuin IC or Beppu IC-Kokonoe IC.
・ Admission fee, toll road and parking fee for each facility are not included. Please pay on site on the day.
≪Reference≫ Kuju "Dream" Large Suspension Bridge Adults 500 yen, Fukuzawa Memorial Museum Adults 400 yen, Nakatsu Castle Adults 400 yen. (The amount is as of March 2022)

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Plan Information

Period March 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022
Excluded days None
What is included in price of the travel / plan Chartered taxi fee (small size, 7 hours)
Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum number of participants 4 persons (per taxi)
Reservation deadline By 15:00 p.m. of 5 days before
Duration 7 hours
Departure time Departs at your requested time.
Boarding place
  • ・ Yufuin Station or Yufuin Town Hotel
  • ・ Beppu Station or Beppu Kitahama / Kannawa District Hotel

Important point

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