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Kunitachi City in Oita Prefecture is called the "village of Buddha" because of its many temples, shrines, stone statues, stone pagodas, and Buddhist sites.
Why don't you take the regular sightseeing bus that takes you to Kunisaki's sightseeing spots in one day and enjoy the "Village of Buddha" in each of the four seasons?

Adult 3100yen〜5700yen
child 1680yen〜2980yen
Fares vary depending on where you get on and off.
Tour timeAbout 9 hours
Target Age5 years old and over
DurationSaturday, Sunday and holiday settings

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Usa Jingu

It was founded by Emperor Shomu in 725. It is the head shrine of the 40,000 Hachimangu shrines in Japan, and has been revered by the Imperial Court since the Nara period (710-794). The shrine pavilions, called "Hachiman-zukuri," are designated as a national treasure, and are in the style of an old main shrine pavilion.

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Fukiji Temple

The oldest wooden building in existence in Kyushu, the main hall is a national treasure. It is said to have been founded by Ninmon. The present building is said to have been built in the late Heian period (794-1185) with a single close-cut tree. It has architecture, murals, and sculptures, and there are many valuable stone artifacts in the precincts, including the Kokuto-to pagoda and Kasatoba (a pagoda with a hatched roof).


Bashirozan Denjyo-ji Temple was the largest of the 65 temples of Rokugo-Mansan. The nine existing Buddhist statues, all designated as National Important Cultural Properties, are filled with the souls of their creators. Judging from the style of the statues, they are said to have been made in the Heian period (794-1185).

Kumano Magaibutsu

Located 250 meters up the mountain from Tainzo-ji Temple is a giant Fudo Myoo (8 meters) and Dainichi Nyorai (6.8 meters), representative of Bungo Magaibutsu (Buddhist images carved from the cliffs of the mountains). Both statues are thickly carved and are designated as National Important Cultural Properties and Historic Sites.

Zaizen Cemetery

Over 100 Kunisaki towers are scattered all over the graveyard, and there is also a treasure tower that is said to be the tomb of Mino Mamoru Zaizen.

Futagoji Temple

Ryoko (721 m above sea level), the highest peak on the Kunisaki Peninsula, and is an old temple of Rokko-Mansan Nakayama Temple, which is said to have been founded by Ninmon. The temple is a beautifully preserved example of the temple's original form, with the largest Niou statue on the Kunisaki Peninsula, the General Gate, Main Hall, Gomado, and Okuno-in (inner sanctuary).

Plan Details

Road Map


Oita Station, Bus Stop No. 2


Beppu Station East Exit, Bus Stop No. 4


Beppu Kitahama Bus stop No. 4


Beppu Transportation Center, Bus Stop No. 3


Hinode Bus stop No. 3


Usa Station Bus stop

Usa Jingu

Fukiji Temple

lunchA separate fee is required.


Kumano Magaibutsu

Zaizen Cemetery

Futagoji Temple


Oita AirportDisbanded after getting off


Beppu Transportation CenterDisbanded after getting off


Beppu KitahamaDisbanded after getting off


Beppu StationDisbanded after getting off


Oita StationDisbanded after getting off

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Effective Date Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
What is included in the travel / plan price ・ Bus ride fee
・ Admission fee
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Minimum number of participants 1 person
Maximum reception staff 40 people
Time required About 9 hours
Reservation deadline 4 days prior to 10:00 a.m.
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