Meal Plans“Ryotei Yamadaya Usuki Honten” I want to try it at least once! Full Course Fugu Cuisine” at Usuki Ryotei Gosanke

Fugu (blowfish) is a specialty of Usuki City, Oita Prefecture.
Usuki is known as "fugu" (blowfish), a nationally renowned luxury product that has attracted many food connoisseurs.
Usuki still has a strong ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant) culture, and fugu dishes can be enjoyed throughout the year at the "Ryotei Gosanke" restaurants, which have been popular since long ago.
Please come to Usuki to enjoy the unique flavor that spreads in your mouth and the superb, chewy taste.

One person 17000yen
Tour timeAbout 2 hours
DurationJuly 2023 - March 2024

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Ryotei Yamadaya Usuki Honten

Founded in 1905, this long-established ryotei restaurant boasts a history of over 100 years.
We hope you will spend a moment away from your daily life.
We invite you to enjoy the open and luxurious Japanese-style space while experiencing the changing of the seasons.
The taste, the container, the decoration, and the attention to detail of this long-established restaurant will leave a lingering impression on your taste buds.
We will treat you to the tastes of Usuki with Yamadaya's unique polished techniques and heart.

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Fugu sashimi
Deep-fried blowfish
Fugu Sushi
Fugu Chili

*Cuisine varies depending on the season.
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Ryotei Yamadaya Usuki Honten

Address: 5 sets, Minato-cho Hondori, Usuki City
tel: 0972-62-9145
Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (1:30 p.m. LO), 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (7:30 p.m. LO)
Closed: No regular holidays
Access: 6 min. walk from JR Usuki Station

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Plan Details

Plan Information

Exclusion date Tuesday
What is included in the travel / plan price Fugu Cuisine Full Course
Minimum number of participants 2 people
Reservation deadline 5 days prior to 5:00 p.m.
The meeting place Ryotei Yamadaya Usuki Honten

Important point

  • Beverages and additional orders will be charged on site.
  • Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.
  • Meals will be served with "cultured fugu".
    If you wish to order natural puffer fish, an additional charge (market value) is required. Please contact the ryotei directly.
    Ryotei Yamadaya Usuki Honten TEL:0972-62-9145
  • No one under the age of 18 may participate in the event alone. Please have a person with parental authority accompany you.
  • Local correspondence will be in Japanese.


  • After completing your online application, we will send you a "Notice of Acceptance" e-mail. Please be sure to check the contents of the e-mail.

Cancellation Fee

In the event that a customer cancels the contract after the contract has been concluded, a cancellation fee will be charged at the following rate per customer on the trip price. In the case of cancellation of the contract by some of the guests in the group, the difference in the number of guests will be charged to each of the guests.
Please contact us during business hours in case of cancellation or reduction in the number of participants. (After business hours, the cancellation will be processed the next day.)
In the event of a refund due to cancellation or reduction in the number of passengers, the refund will be made after deducting the prescribed cancellation fee rate, but the customer will be responsible for any bank transfer charges related to the refund.

Starting from the day before the date of use
3 days ago to the day before
Before the start time of the day After start time/
No contact and no participation
20% 50% 100%

In the event of a full refund without cancellation fee, the fee will be refunded to your credit card.
In the event of a cancellation fee, refunds will be made by bank transfer to a bank account in Japan, and the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
Please understand this in advance.

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